Our world is in constant motion. Distances are continually shrinking and the need to get places has not changed. The expansion and improvement of Public Transit is highly important to keep America moving forward; but aspirations of progress cannot be achieved unless all resources are used efficiently and sustainably. BLIC North America, Inc. strives to organize and manage Public Transit in a way that does justice to all, and we execute this task by utilizing the right tool: mobility management.

BLIC North America, Inc. is the American subsidiary of BLIC Gmbh, the leading international consultant for Intelligent Transportation Solutions.  

BLIC North America, Inc. is highly experienced in Consulting and Project Management. Our core strengths lie in: CAD/AVL, needs assessment, system design, procurement, specification writing, and project implementation. As highly experienced  ITS consultants, we specialize in designing, implementing, and optimizing mobility management systems. We support you in every step of the way and will lead you to an optimal solution that gives you full control of your results. Welcome to BLIC - we make public transit work!

Who we are

BLIC is an internationally recognized consulting company made up of engineers, communications experts, IT specialists, traffic planners and business experts with countless years of professional experience. Choosing BLIC allows you to benefit from an interdisciplinary team of experts who strategically use their knowledge and experience independently and holistically.

What we do

BLIC develops sophisticated IT concepts and solutions characterized by an interactive and integrative approach. We specialize in integrating your IT applications successfully into existing networks and planning entirely new systems tailored to your needs. What we produce far exceeds the expectations of our clients and continues to impress the transportation community as we move towards a more mobile future.

Where to find us

We work wherever our clients are. Our network of local offices, project units, and flexible personnel enable us to be where you need us to be when you need us to be there. 

Our North American Headquarters is located at:

308 E Burlington St, #407
Iowa City, IA 52240
Telephone  1.202.721.4217